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Why Capital Preservation is Critical for Maximum Returns

One of my favorite movies is the classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One story line in the movie involves “Brave Sir Robin.” At one point, Brave Sir Robin is traveling through the country with his minstrel in tow, the minstrel singing about his brave character (courtesy of MetroLyrics): Bravely bold Sir Robin Rode […]

The Powerful, Return-Optimizing Tool You Shouldn’t Trade Without

Every trader has a set of tools that powers his or her trading process. Some traders are old-fashioned and just use a pencil and a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Others are high-tech and rely on dual-monitor workstations with expensive trading platform software streaming level 2 quotes in real-time. But regardless of whether you’re […]

How to Beat the Market in 5 Minutes per Month

Are you too busy to read annual reports? Do you get queasy contemplating discounted cash flow calculations of dividend income streams? Do you get nervous when you check your portfolio daily? If so, you’re not alone. What if there was a system that could deliver above-market returns, but only took five minutes of your time […]

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